Klinger Ball Valves

Ball valves are modern shut-off valves which are very reliable in operation. The circular bore guarantees a flow characteristic which is similar to a pipe. Because there is no shut-off device in the flow ball valves with full bore are piggable without any problems. Due to the usage of standardised mounting flanges, the optimizing of operating torques and the high compatibillity to different actuator designs and makes, our ball valves keep up with the increasing of automated production processes and the requirement of remote-controlled industrial facilities.

Ball Valve Series Range of Size Construction
Ballostar KHA DN 10-125 3-piece Flanges, thread and
weld ends
Ballostar KHE DN 15-200 Split body Flanges
Ballostar KHI DN 150-1100 (full and reduced bore) Split body (optional fully welded) Flanges, weld ends
Monolith KHO DN 25-150 Single-piece, fully welded Weld ends
Monoball DN 15-300 Single-piece, fully welded Flanges, thread and weld ends
Ball-o-top 3/8“-3“ Brass die-casting Thread ends (various thread types)

Fields of Application:
  • Dusty media: Cement in facilities and silos
  • Viscous media e.g. Bitumen (Petrolindustry and refineries), molasse (breweries)
  • Fluids and gases in refinery- and tank-farm-construction (hydrocarbons, fuel, kerosene, oils)
  • Liquid and natural gases
  • Supply of compressed air for industry
  • Drinking water supply: shut-off and control valves
  • Superheated water, steam and heat transfer oils: in caloric power plants and district heating supply
  • Textile, pulp and paper industry: dye liquor
  • Construction of tank lorries and wagons: Drain valves
  • Chemical industry: acid-resistant ball valves for chemical solutions (acids, lyes, etc.)